Getting Started

How do I know if counseling is right for me?

Seeking out counseling is a very individual decision. People come to counseling for many reasons. Sometimes they are struggling with long-standing issues such as anxiety or depression. At other times, an unexpected event or life-change prompts a person to seek help during that transition. Some people find that events earlier in life are still affecting their decisions and feelings; they are looking for insight, support, and new strategies for coping with these ghosts of the past. Others seek the advice of a counselor to pursue their own personal exploration or growth.

How do I make an appointment?

Call Christian Counseling Center at 931-707-8200. If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message. We return calls promptly and can usually schedule an appointment within a week or two. Emergencies will be seen as soon as we are able to schedule them.


Is couples’ counseling available?

Yes. Couples can benefit from counseling in many ways. Some couples come to strengthen their communication with one another; others come for help coping with a major unexpected event, such as a child’s serious illness or an affair, which has thrown their relationship off balance. Some couples come to deal with a period of transition, such as the challenges presented by retirement. Still others come for premarital work to help them get their marriage off to a healthy start.

Can counseling really help?

Counseling can be a great help many people, but of course, no one can guarantee to make you feel better. Studies tell us that counseling will help you if you feel comfortable and safe with your counselor, and you want to make changes in your life.

What is counseling like?

Counseling is about growth. That growth may include getting stronger to assert your own needs, getting strong enough to face and put to rest painful memories, learning to think in new ways, developing skills to cope with challenges, or learning how to risk intimacy with others.

When you begin, your counselor will devote a lot of time to asking questions to help both of you understand what brought you into counseling, where you get stuck, and how your previous experience affects the now. Our role is assisting and encouraging you to grow toward healthier life choices and celebrating with you each step of the way.

How long does counseling take?

That depends on the issues you bring. Many clients make progress in the first 6 or 8 weeks. But it’s important to remember that your problems didn’t happen overnight so solving them will take time too.

How often will I meet with my counselor?

Normally each client is seen once a week for a 45-50 minute session. For couples’ counseling our standard sessions are longer. Occasionally a client’s needs may require more than one session a week, and for other clients, every two weeks is best.

How much does counseling cost?

Our fees are based on the type of counseling you receive as well as your family’s income and family size. Individuals are normally seen for shorter sessions than couples, so their cost is also smaller. Group counseling is less expensive per session and may not be appropriate for your specific needs. Should you have a concern about your ability to pay, you may talk with our Executive Director to work out a suitable payment plan.

May I choose my own counselor?

We try to honor your preferences if your counseling needs fit the counselor’s skills and training and if he or she is accepting new clients. At Christian Counseling Center, we know that part of your success in counseling depends on the intangibles which make up your ability to connect with your counselor.

What if my counselor and I don’t seem to get along?

Occasionally a particular client and counselor don’t seem to work well together, or the type of counseling offered does not seem to suit your needs.

Remember that your counselor may challenge you to consider your own part in creating the distress you are feeling. This may not be comfortable, but it does not mean that your counselor is not a good match for your needs. We encourage you to give your counselor a chance, and honestly ask yourself whether your counselor is genuinely and honestly trying to help you grow.

But if you continue to find the fit is still not good enough, we encourage you to talk with your counselor or directly to our Executive Director.

Do I have to be a Christian to use your services?

Christian Counseling Center’s services are available to everyone. Although we are a Christian organization, our promise to you is that we will meet you wherever you are.